Our Sweeterie

Since May 2021 we’ve been producing and providing delicious Vegan Choco assortments and other Vegan-Friendly gift products. First having started in the cozy’n natural Laanila of Oulu, later having shipped ourselves onto the downtown of Kamppi (Helsinki)!

Out Headquarters of the time now locate on Lönnrotinkatu 30 B, Welcome!

Our location is very easy and gentle to find, and if ever one gets lost on the way, the phone can be reached as quickly and conveniently as ever; by clicking the round conversation-button in the lower left corner.

Behing the same button locates an option for opening the Google Map with our address as the target location.

Aside of our products online there are a couple of beverages available to enjoy in the cozy city livingroom.

Such nice target for an afternoon event and/or an evening walk!

Home delivery option available as well, provided by our Smootchie Occasions.